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How do I attract the best employee? How do I retain them? How do I offer benefits? What is my workman’s comp going to cost? Crown Services Inc. has developed a program to help small businesses compete in this unstable environment.

In most cases, Crown Services can show small businesses how to save tens of thousands per year and continue to offer the best benefits, and other services. Most of them at no additional cost.

The Crown Services Equine Staffing Advantage

  1. Payroll to your workers weekly.
  2. Crown services takes all the risk.

We do all W-2 reporting.

  1. Crown is responsible for all taxes and reporting.
  2. Crown will do all E-Verify and drug testing.
  3. Crown will do all recruitment of your workers.
  4. Crown handles all unemployment claims at end of season

When you choose the Crown advantage program Crown offers all employees?

  1. Health Insurance eligible after 40 hours of continuous work.
  2. One Week paid vacation after completing 1500 hours of continuous work through Crown, (this is paid by Crown Services and is at no cost to you)
  3. Paid holidays
  4. Crown Services assumes the workman’s Comp Insurance (releasing the farm from paying the premiums)

The Crown Total  Advantage

Crown realizes that cash flow is very important to any operation, so to set us apart from any competition, Crown offers an 18 day float on payroll.

Reduce high turn over. Eliminate benefit package cost. Cut record keeping cost.