A high school friend of mine, Bob Crosby, (yes, high school was a long time ago) has a knack of turning a phrase, a way with words.  Bob sent me a message the other day and thought the above phrase applied to our business, and it does!  Thanks Bob for sharing this.

We all know that preparation is key to doing any job properly.  We teach our children to do their homework, have their pencils sharpened, and make sure they have the appropriate tools gathered before they start. If they waste time, they lose play time.

We instruct job seekers to prepare ahead of time, research the company, spell-check their resume, wear an outfit that looks professional and have a list of questions to ask the interviewer. They have one chance to make a good impression or lose the opportunity.

Preparation is so critical, now more than ever, to the owners and business managers of companies. Employable candidates are getting harder to find. It costs more to recruit. It takes longer to wade through resumes and find the right person(s). And if you hire the wrong person it costs more to repair the damage.

Here are three ways businesses can be prepared:

  1. If you have employees that will be retiring, make a list of the skills they possess. Can you find a trainee to work with them and learn before your production derails?
  2.  If you are expanding, find a staffing partner who will invest the time to understand what type of employees you are going to need. Let them learn about your company culture and your goals.
  3.  Before you get into a crunch situation and need extra employees for a project, find a staffing partner who will send great employees for short term and long term projects. The last thing you need is a bunch of “warm bodies” that aren’t a good fit. They will cost you more than what you pay.

My suggestion is call the Crown Services staffing office that is closest to you and invite them in for an assessment of your needs. We will find you the best match for your needs. It’s what we do.